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GateBooking - Why?

Avoid queuing and waiting time
Reserved meeting time at the gate
guarantees a faster and prioritized

ISPS approved
ISPS documents are created paperless
simultaneous with the reservation

Connects logistics players
GateBooking enables
interaction between ports and
logistics operators

Always up to date
GateBooking account shows real time
status and history of all

Efficient terminals
Closer and easier communication
between logistics partners increases

Electronic transport order
Terminal customers can easily get access
to their own GateBooking account
for free
Gatebooking - for whom?

• Reserved meeting time at the gate guarantees a fast and prioritized treatment
• Create transport orders in your GateBooking account and follow status in real-time
• Create ISPS documentation electronically which follows your GateBooking automatically
• Assign and send transport orders by email or SMS
• Your GateBooking account allows collaboration with several terminals
• Operational managers can make better decisions based on status & booking info
• Free basic account with optional extra services
• Better flow and less processing time per truck
• Define opening hours and meeting time slots
• Optimize resource planning through gate reservations
• Minimize administration work through web-based self-service gate reservations
• Integrates with our own or third-party automatic gate solutions (as a link to our website)
• Traceable ISPS documentation in connection with inspections or investigations
• Platform for information sharing with the Port Authority and carriers

• Book meeting time at terminal gate for faster service
• Create transport orders and get updated status
• ISPS documentation is created electronically and follows GateBooking automatically
• Assign and trigger transport orders by email or SMS
• Your GateBooking account allows for collaboration with several terminals
Port Authority
• Be informed about the usage pattern of your port for optimal dimensioning
• Be prepared for incoming IMO cargo with the correct specifications and documents
• See location of IMO related cargo in case of fire or other threats
• Search ISPS documents in connection with irregularities or general clarifications
• Self-service lookup of the terminal's ISPS samples

Freight forwarders
• Reserve meeting time for pick up/delivery of goods
• Create transport orders for your carrier and get updated status on journeys
• Create ISPS documentation electronically for the terminal operator
• Send out transport orders to the driver via SMS or email
• Your Gatebooking account provides access to information from several terminals
• Use status and booking information for decisions as transport manager

Customer success
”The goal with GateBooking is fourfold:
1. Reduce waiting time in the gate
2. Do what we can to raise the quality, reduce incorrect deliveries and avoid that containers are delivered to the wrong depot
3. Be at the forefront of the information technology development
4. GateBooking goes hand in hand with our automated terminal gate ”

Knut Erik Andersen, Terminal manager,
Bring Warehousing AS, Oslo

”We see significant savings in administration work for our terminal and carriers. Our local customers, importers and exporters can book time slots at the terminal for priority processing.

Additionally, GateBooking complies with the ISPS regulations by creating electronic ISPS security declarations."

Terminal manager Borg Havn

Greenwave Terminal Systems AS
Hovfaret 17A
N-0275  Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 23 28 29 36

Email: post@greenwave.no